Staying Healthy With Energy

The word “health” in Sanskrit means “to be established in the Self”. That is to say that it is a broad and integral concept in which body, mind and spirit must be in harmony. There are seven layers of existence: body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and Being.

So we need to learn about them and the techniques to keep them healthy and in harmony. How? Through regular meditation, massage and breathing techniques. With a few minutes of daily meditation, our entire body rejuvenates.

There are four sources of energy:

  • Eating
  • Dreaming
  • Breathing
  • Meditation

Paying proper attention to these substantial sources of energy, we can recover our health, strengthen it and feel more full of life and energy.

Benefits of Regular Massage

Reduces blood pressure

Boosts the immune system

Dampens harmful stress hormones

Raises mood-elevating brain chemicals such as serotonin

Massage can also stimulate nerves that carry signals from the skin to the brain, triggering positive changes throughout the body.

Benefits of Regular Meditation

Improves concentration

Encourages a healthy lifestyle

Reduces stress

Increases self-awareness

Increases happiness

Shown to slow down the aging process

Benefits cardiovascular and immune health



Benefits of Breathing Exercises

A disease-free body.

A mind free from confusion.

An intellect free from inhibitions.

A memory free of trauma.

A soul free from suffering.

A society free of stress.

90% of the body’s toxins are eliminated through respiration , but we hardly use 30% of our lung capacity.

In turn, breathing is associated with different emotions. Can you notice that you breathe in different ways when you are happy, stressed and anxious? Through our breathing, we can change our emotions and endocrine system.

Let’s use a mobile device as an example. The cell phone needs charging. When the battery is finished, you call a number and say: “Hello, hello” but nothing will happen because the phone isn’t charged. Also, if the SIM card has no minutes, the call will not happen. Similarly meditation is like changing the SIM card and breathing is like charging the cell phone battery. Both are essential for communicating with ourselves and the universe around us.

We talk through vibrations. If our vibrations come from stress, then we transmit it and create aversion in our environment. For this reason so many conflicts occur. When we cleanse our presence, through breathing practice and meditation, our vibrations become so pleasing that we create positivity in our surroundings. Something essential in our day.

In Europe alone, 30% of the population suffers from depression: Psychologists and sociologists say that in the next 10 years this figure will rise to 50%, really alarming. We can not allow half of the population to become depressed. We need to do something now to bring about a change in our lifestyle.

Implementing these techniques daily gets rid of stress and tension and allows us to smile more and more.

Whatever your activity, you need energy and enthusiasm. A professional needs will and enthusiasm, an artist needs imagination and enthusiasm, an entrepreneur needs power of intuition and enthusiasm. With regular meditation and massage you can improve your intuitive ability, increase your enthusiasm and allow creativity to flourish. Meditation is useful in all areas of life. Of course, for those who are oriented to the development of a religious and / or spiritual life, meditation brings depth into practices.


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