Antigua Guatemala

Approximately 1 hour from Guatemala City, Antigua Guatemala is a colorful city of rustic beauty, major historical significance and a vibrant culture.

Set in the Panchoy Valley nestled beneath three volcanoes, Volcan Fuego being one of the most active in Central America, Antigua retains an impressive catalog of colonial ruins and civic structures.

Parque Central in Antigua Guatemala is the heart and soul of the colonial city. It is an old style Spanish Plaza with concentric paths inside and the center focal point being the “Mermaid Fountain”. It was designed in 1739 by master architect Diego de Porres, who was in charge of nearly all of the city’s design. The Central Park is very popular and filled with locals and tourists alike. Surrounding the park, you will find some of the towns main buildings such as the seat of the municipality and the cathedral.
Thanks to the dozens of Spanish-language schools that operate here, Antigua is a global hot spot, yet it remains a vibrant Guatemalan town. Its churches, plazas and markets are bustling with activity. Outside the city, you will find pueblos with indigenous communities, coffee plantations and volcanoes that offer ample opportunities for exploration and adventure.
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