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Massage Therapy & Relaxation

Experience the difference at Shen Masoterapia y Relajacion.

Holistic Massage Therapy in Antigua Guatemala

Experience the difference at Shen Masoterapia y Relajacion. We work with you on an individual basis to create a personalized treatment plan that includes Mayan energy work that will leave you feeling renewed, balanced and relaxed. We can help manage your pain and help you achieve a sense of grounding and balance in your life.

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

A customized relaxing 1.5 hour massage including techniques in shitzu, lomi lomi and energy healing.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapuetic massage

For those who like a deeper tissue massage, good for athletes and people who deal with back pain, neck pain, and hip pain. 1 hour


Coffee Body Exfoliation

Full of antioxidents and

caffine that acts to reduce

cellulite, this 2.5 hour treatment is

fit for the stars.

Cupping therapy


Patients can experience relief from pain symptoms, as well as restored energy following their 1 hour cupping treatment

About us

Chinese Medicine considers Shen to be one of the “three treasures” that constitute life: Jing, the essence; Qi, the life force; and Shen, the spirit.


Pablo Gonzales is a gifted energy healer and massage therapist.  He works with his clients individualy to determine the best therapy for their specific needs and offers profound relaxation and theraputic massage along with energy healing to cleanse on a cellular level.


Try our 2.5 hour Coffee Exfoliation Therapy and Massage!

Treat yourself to a taste of pure luxury with our signature coffee exfoliation therapy.  Coffee helps rejuvanate the skin and soul while reducing stress and cellulite.


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